Tools I Like (TIL)

Maya is like a giant paddock full of sheep. The goal is to get the sheep to go where you want them to go. By default you are given a sheppard’s staff, a sheep dog, perhaps a horse and a megaphone. There is a lot you can achieve with these things already, but better yet there are lots and lots of other sheppards out there creating new and strange tools to help you out. Of course you can make your own, too! I find a wolf costume to be particularly effective, others a bazooka. What is the point of all this? I don’t really know.

As the first post category of this revived website, I’m going to go over some of my favourite 3rd party tools for Maya, and just like Oprah’s favourite things I’m giving them away to my entire audience for free. Mainly because they aren’t mine and were already free to begin with. I hereby dub this series of posts TIL, for ‘Tools I Like’.

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